14 Aug 2017
Commercial roof Florence ky

A recent commercial roof installation in Florence, KY. This application is EPDM, and was installed over a new deck. EPDM is one of the more common commercial roof applications, and has a long warranty to last the customer many many years. The Blue Roof Company has many technicians that are properly trained in EPDM roofing, and the many components of its installation.

11 Aug 2017
Metal Barn Roof in Kentucky

One of the many horse barns we complete throughout the year. This was for a private residence that routinely has horses in the Kentucky Derby. As a general contractor, we have the tools and management team to build almost anything. This barn was done in conjunction with an architecture team, as well as our own team. We can’t wait to see what horses come out of this stable.

11 Aug 2017
Burlington KY Roofing

Another fun project we had the honor of completing. This roof belongs to the famous Golf Ranch in Burlington, KY. Our client is an ex-PGA professional that only trusted his business to the very best. By the end of the project, we not only picked up a new customer, be we became good friends. The work at the Golf Ranch not only required a full roof, but also many interior updates (paint, drywall, etc.). We are all excited to go back and show our lack of golfing skill under the new Owens Corning roof.