11 Sep 2017
Grey Roof in Union Ky

This customer had an old farm house, with a roof that was way past it’s useful life. They opted for an Estate Grey shingle by Owens Corning. A classic color for a white home, and a color that never gets old.

14 Aug 2017
cedar shake roof cincinnati

At The Blue Roof Company, we take pride in beingĀ up to date on all roofing materials, and the proper techniques it takes to install them. This is a recent install of certified heavy weight cedar shake. As you can see on the before and after shots, the customers home has a completely new look. Over time the roof will fade in color, but with proper maintenance, it will be a staple in the community for many, many years to come. Cedar shake roofs can transform your home into the diamond of the community, and make it stand among all the mass shingle roofs. Additionally, cedar shake roofs are highly sought after when buying a home. Potentially adding tens of thousands of dollars to your home value. The Blue Roof Company is your local experts on cedar shake, and can explain all the complicated differences between the products. Contact us today to help answer any questions you may have.

11 Aug 2017
Roofing Fort Thomas KY

One of our favorite customers to date, this couple wanted to update their home from the builder grade material it was made with. We installed a high quality Owens Corning Duration shingle that is guaranteed for 30+ years.

11 Aug 2017
Roofing in Florence KY

This home owner had curious horses that constantly wanted attention. I believe the enjoyed watching The Blue Roof Crew install a beautiful Owens Corning roof.

11 Aug 2017
The Blue Roof Company Owens Corning Black

A classic black roof for one of our customers in Rabbit Hash, KY. This customer needed to pay via credit card… which we gladly accept. Another Happy Customer for The Blue Roof Company.

11 Aug 2017
Union KY Roofing

Here is before, during, and after shot of another beautiful Union, KY roof we installed. This home owner was a military veteran, and received our always available military discount. He had high standards, and The Blue Roof Company delivered.

11 Aug 2017
Roofing in Union KY

After receiving extensive roof damage during the Spring storms, this customer called us to work with his insurance on a replacement. The Blue Roof Company was able to ensure the insurance company not only paid for the roof, but additional damage around the property they initially “missed”. Another happy customer.

11 Aug 2017
Metal roof in Union, KY

A complete metal barn in Union, KY. This one had insulation under the metal panels, black metal roof, white sidewalls, and 4 custom barn doors.

11 Aug 2017
Metal Barn Roof in Kentucky

One of the many horse barns we complete throughout the year. This was for a private residence that routinely has horses in the Kentucky Derby. As a general contractor, we have the tools and management team to build almost anything. This barn was done in conjunction with an architecture team, as well as our own team. We can’t wait to see what horses come out of this stable.