15 Feb 2018

Spring time showers and freezing rain in Northern Kentucky causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage each year. Home owners typically fall into the mental trap of procrastination, and plan on calling their local roofer when the weather gets better. By that time, it’s too late. Water has seeped into dry wood and attic spaces, even walls and window seals. By the time a roof inspection is completed in summer, thousands of dollars in damage has already occurred. We see it every year, and all of it can be avoided by getting a simple roof inspection now. When it comes to your homes roof never take chances. It’s the one component that shields all of your belongings from Mother Nature.

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The Blue Roof Company roofing issue

I thought I just had a small issue, but once they inspected my roof, I seen my entire house was in jeopardy. The Blue Roof Company saved us thousands of dollars in internal repairs.


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